How can I get a HUD HECM counselor certificate?


To get a HUD HECM counselor certificate, you will have to attend HECM training and pass an exam. HUD HECM counselors need to receive training on many topics, including and not limited to HECM terminology and rates, proprietary reverse mortgages, home keeper and cash account products, etc.

Training materials can often be downloaded online, including specialized HECM software. Some materials may be provided by the AARP Foundation, others can be found with HUD. HUD HECM counselor materials may be obtained for reference by current HUD HECM counselors, or be used by wannabe HUD HECM counselors who need to take the exam.

HUD HECM hard copy training materials can be obtained free by calling HUD or AARP Foundation, but will not be as up-to-date as online materials.

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