Can I get a free quote on HECM reverse mortgages?


Yes, you can. There will be many HECM lenders who will offer you a free quote on HECM reverse mortgages. To get a free quote on HECM reverse mortgage, on the respective HECM lender's website you will be asked to provide personal information such as names, date of birth (you have to be over 62 to be eligible), type of property and market value.

The name and age of your spouse will also be required to get a free quote on a HECM reverse mortgage. Information about any existing liens on the property is also commonly required.

A free HECM reverse mortgage evaluation will provide you with information about many HECM reverse mortgages and other reverse mortgage products and will tell you which particular reverse mortgage plan will provide you with the best options. Usually, owners on title have to be both 62, and generally no exceptions are made.

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