Where to get HECM counseling?


You should consider the HUD's National HECM Counseling Network to locate a HECM counselor. There are HUD certified HECM counselors listed online by state. Many of those can provide toll free HECM counseling over phone even if you are not residing in the same state. If reverse mortgage counseling is not required in person by the state, or lender, you may very well go with HECM counseling over phone.

If phone talk will not do, you will have to meet with the approved HECM advisor. HECM counselors are responsible for providing counseling not only on HECMs, but also on alternative reverse mortgage products so that senior home owners educate themselves on the reverse mortgage subject and maximize benefits depending on their particular circumstances - that is, age, house value, payment plan wanted, health care and/or financial assistance needed, etc.

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