What is the highest credit score and how to achieve it?


850 is the magic number. Borrowers who would like to have the highest credit score should know it is not achievable. Highest credit scores typically start from 720. A borrower in the 720 - 850 range would qualify for ultra low rates.

Even if you have a very high credit score from one credit bureau, the score will be averaged, as it is unlikely that you will have the same score with another credit bureau. Credit ratings vary from credit bureau to credit bureau and sometimes they differ substantially.

The high credit score you have is built on your ability to pay bills on time; your credit history length must be long to have that score. If you successfully handle secured and unsecured debt (mixed debt) your score will reflect that.

The highest credit score is attained by an individual with long credit history, low balance to limit ratio, several credit cards, on time rental payments and different loans with one or two late payments. No bankruptcies, no foreclosures.

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