What is the average US credit rating score?


What is the average US credit rating score for the moment? Fair Isaac Co said it was 723.

It is a good score. It qualifies people for very good rates. Actually, most lenders will consider the average US credit rating score in the same category as the excellent 800 over scores. 720 to 800 FICO shows very good payment history and is a great credit risk.

On average, lenders will consider 770 as the score where the best mortgage products are offered - an A+ score.

The 730 is the average for prime rates on fixed rate loans.

723 is the median for the US, that is, half the borrowers had credit rating higher than 723 and the other half had lower rating. The median is considered to be more precise than the average.

The average in terms of nicety is the 650 FICO. It shows good credit history, but could be improved.

Credit rating scores below 620 are considered high risk.

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