Should I have perfect credit score, that is, above 800 credit score?


It is great but it is not compulsory.

An 800 credit score is a perfect credit score, but no one will give you money for free even if you top 850. Borrowers in the 760-850 range share the same privileges and rates, so if you have this great 800 score, so what?

It is true that credit scores matter a lot, but reaching the perfect credit score will not help you much, as you are already in the list of best borrowers.

How to get an 800 credit score?

Building that perfect score requires long payment history and timely repayment of debts. Using a lot of credit and repaying it as quickly as possible does help reach 800 FICO at some point. There are many people who would like to have such a perfect credit score.

Also, a big number of credit cards is believed to hurt your score but in fact paying off credit card debt allows you to get new credit cards every year without hurting your perfect credit score.

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