How to get an excellent credit score rating number?


An excellent credit score rating number is obtained with years of good credit history and will be in the range of 730 - 850. Given that you don't have much debt, this excellent credit score rating number will get you any loan you like with the best rates possible.

If your credit has not been good in the first place, even with the professional help of credit repair services, you will not be able to get to 700 especially if you have experienced recent bankruptcy or foreclosure.

However, having an excellent credit score rating number is a good way to approach any financing with and is not something that everybody has. Luckily, after the Fair Credit Reporting Act from the 1970s everyone is entitled to the right to begin clean with their credit rating. There are techniques and legislation available to make use of when rebuilding credit score and it is possible to overcome bankruptcy and foreclosure defects and achieve excellent credit score rating number on your own.

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