Is there a fast way to fix your poor credit rating score if there are errors in the report?


Fixing errors in your credit report is not necessarily a slow and tedious process. You can search for an independent credit reporting agency that offers a rapid rescoring service to fix your credit mistakes. Such a service can be extremely useful especially if you are in the middle of a home loan approval process and encounter poor credit rating problems.

There are some drawbacks though.

First, such rescoring services cannot be used directly by you. Credit rating companies which provide fast rescoring services usually work directly only with lenders and brokers.

Second, you will need actual evidence that there is an error. Some rescoring agencies may contact your creditors in order to get the proof in your stead but this will probably delay your credit score fixing.

Finally, have in mind that even if all errors in your poor credit score are fixed, this will still not guarantee your mortgage loan approval.

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