Privacy Policy

MortgageQnA is committed to protecting the privacy of all of its users. This Privacy Policy* concerns information collected online through MortgageQnA 's website, and its usage.

Collection of Information:

Anonymous Information
MortgageQnA may collect and publicly reveal general, non-personal data about our website, such as number of visitors, number of pages viewed, etc.

Personal Information
Currently, MortgageQnA does not require any personal information (e.g. name, email address, etc.) in order to use our website. We require, however, minimal personal information when you ask a question or contribute to an answer on our website. The only information we collect when you contact us in these instances is your name, email address, and the date.

MortgageQnA will never give any personal information to third-parties without the prior written permission of the user. We will not sell or barter mailing lists of MortgageQnA users.

Use of Cookies:

MortgageQnA may use cookies (for example, in order to limit the voting for articles to one per person). Please, remember that cookies do not contain personally identifiable information and consequently cannot be used to identify you personally.

Additionally, the third-party advertising companies that we use to serve ads when you visit our website may also use cookies. Such cookies are used to get information that is not personally identifiable (in other words will not include your name, address, email address, or telephone number) and involves your visits to this and other websites, and your usage patterns and web preferences, in order to better adapt the provided advertising content to your interests.

Advertisers and Third Parties:

Please, remember that advertisers on and third party sites, such as those to which we link, are not subject to MortgageQnA's Privacy Policy. Those third party sites or the advertisers might independently require personal information, collect data, or use their own cookies. MortgageQnA is not responsible for any use of information when you use such third party sites.

* We reserve our right to make changes to our Privacy Policy at any time without notification. It is your personal obligation to check for any updates and discontinue the use of MortgageQnA if you disagree with any of the changes made.