Primary Residence Definition


The definition of primary residence is not limited to a house only. It could also be a manufactured home, an apartment, a boat or condominium. A primary residence would be the place where you stay to live and work for the greatest time.

If you own more than one property where you stay throughout the year, you might have difficulty determining which one is the primary residence. If you have a $100,000 boat in LA and a $460,000 home in Florida but you mainly stay on the boat and your employment address is in LA, as well, federal and state authorities may decide that your boat is your permanent residence and your homeownership tax benefits will be significantly lowered.

Factors Used to Determine Your Primary Residence

In addition to the time spent in your properties, the following is used to determine your main home:

  • Employment address,
  • Utilities bills and correspondence,
  • Driver's license and car registration address,
  • Address on federal and state tax returns,
  • Family members' main residence location,
  • Your banks' address,
  • The address of clubs and organizations you are a member of,
  • The address of your voter card.
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