Why should I build or purchase manufactured home?


There are a lot of valid reasons that can make one purchase manufactured home for their family. The cost is not the only reason for the homebuyer to choose a factory-built modular home vs. site-built standard real estate.

Top Reasons to Get a Manufactured/Modular Home

  • The design. Many homebuyers have an idea about how they want their perfect home to look like. Manufactured homes can be prefabricated, but they also can be custom-built and come in a variety of designs which may be suitable for the homeowner.
  • Also, many mobile/modular home manufacturers are able to work with clients on custom designs and produce the desired feel and look of the home. Modular homes are no longer box-like, simple living units but they could make quite a beautiful residence.
  • If you are an owner/builder and plan to remodel or build a house from the ground up, a factory-built manufactured home or separate units will save you months in construction time, and labor and rental costs, as the weather won't be a factor during construction and the house will be completed much sooner. Especially when building a complete house, construction time for a manufactured home can get down from 2 years to 6 months, even less, depending on the project scale.
  • New construction manufactured house units cost up to 20% less in materials and labor compared to site-built houses. Also, in terms of financing, you are saving months of unnecessary interest.
  • Choosing the right lender, builder and design can produce a great final result - a great custom-built house for your family to live in for many years.
  • Last, but not the least, the myth for the greater vulnerability of modular custom-built homes is no longer valid. Factory-built housing units are built heavier and with more flexible connections to withstand transportation and crane lifting than standard site-built houses. Industry professionals maintain that new modular home construction exceeds all local building codes, due to strict third-party inspection at different stages of the factory process.
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