What custom-built and mobile home manufacturers offer to the home owner builder?


A lot of homeowners really would like to take part in the design of their new home.  Mobile home manufacturers usually are able to build a standard home on the homeowner's site, or put the home together at the factory site to avoid weather delays.

Mobile home manufacturers offer design assistance, post-installation services, and mortgage approval support.

Most manufactured and modular homebuilders provide full home building services - including foundation, skirting, plumbing, wiring, etc. - and most of them not only provide a catalogue for the customer to choose a home, but also work with the owner-builder on the home design and dollar-quality maximization.

The variety of homes, offered by a custom-built and mobile home manufacturer may include Single or Two Stories, Ranches, T-Ranches, Split Levels or Duplexes, etc. Floor plans, furniture style and fancy fireplaces are part of what a new manufactured home can include upon customer request.

Your mobile home manufacturer will also offer mobile home replacement parts, if a need arises.

Many manufactured home builders will recommend a mobile home lender. You could follow their recommendation for manufactured home financing, or shop for a mobile home loan on your own. Just remember that the newer the home, the better the rates you can qualify for.

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