How to convert a Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit rating score into a Vantage score?


The Vantage and FICO credit rating scales are different. The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit score ranges from 300 to 850, whereas the Vantage credit score ranges from 501 to 990. The credit rating criteria used by the two models in order to estimate your credit score is also different.

Still, if you know your credit score calculated with one of these credit rating models and want to find the other, you can do that easily though the method is not very "scientific".

Let's say you know your FICO score and want to find out your Vantage score. Use the following formula: Divide your FICO credit score by 0.86 . This will get you an approximation of what your Vantage score would be.

Accordingly, in order to find out the FICO score, multiply your Vantage credit score by 0.86 .

Of course, this is not a completely accurate conversion, so keep that in mind and use it only for rough comparison purposes.

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