What is the yield of early mortgage payoff?


Well, yes, a mortgage can be viewed as a financial tool, much like stocks and bonds. The yield on early mortgage payoff is the interest rate of the mortgage. If you have a 6.25% mortgage, than this is your mortgage yield of return in case of no prepayment penalty and if you make additional principal payments.

If I have free cash, do I make early mortgage payoff or invest elsewhere?

Roughly, it depends on the yield of return of your other investment. If your bank pays 4.5% on savings accounts and you have no home loan prepayment penalties, clearly early mortgage repayment for the mortgage rate described above is the better investment.

How do taxes affect early home loan pay off?

It depends on whether your other investment is tax-exempt. If it is, compare the mortgage after-tax yield of return with this other bond's rate of return. If your bond is not tax-exempt, rate comparison will be enough to see which investment has the higher return.

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