What are debt consolidation leads and what are they used for?


Many companies on the web are making a business out of collecting tens of thousands of prospective mortgage and debt consolidation potential customers - debt consolidation leads, and leads for mortgage, reverse mortgage and other home loan related products.

Debt consolidation leads are details about people with greater probability to sign up for debt consolidation. Those details usually include total debt and debt categories (credit card debt, student loan debt, tax debt etc.), as well as personal information such as address, email, and phone.

Companies in the debt consolidation niche are readily taking advantage of collected piled up debt consolidation leads, thus optimizing performance and expanding business.

To ensure leads are fresh and reliable, they are usually checked for authenticity before being offered to debt consolidation companies. Most marketing companies engaged in collecting debt consolidation leads offer a return policy for unqualified leads, dispatch leads in lists of 50 to thousands and offer many flexible delivery plans to ensure debt consolidation companies permanently subscribe to their services.

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