How to decide - secured debt consolidation versus unsecured debt consolidation loan?


It will depend on circumstances whether to use secured debt consolidation or unsecured debt consolidation loan.

If you own a real estate property and your credit is good, you may get very good low rates for a secured debt consolidation loan. However, in that case you are using your house as the collateral, the lender feels safe, and you may be repossessed of your home if you default on payments.

At the same time, unsecured debt consolidation loans carry a lot higher risk, hence rates are so much higher. Even though you could be using another asset as collateral, your car may not be a sufficient warranty for regular payments. That is, taking an unsecured debt consolidation loan will take place upon your word for repaying the loan and you should be prepared to expect substantially higher rates - 10 percent or even more than a secured loan to consolidate debt.

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