How can I find housing down payment assistance sources in California?


California housing down payment assistance resources can be best located online. Find your city's website and search the housing department for housing and down payment assistance programs. Search the next closest county in proximity if you don't find housing and/or down payment assistance services for your city.

Some down payment assistance programs and affordable housing resources are:

  • California Housing Finance Agency
  • City of Santa Barbara Community Development Department
  • Community Development Commission, County of Los Angeles
  • Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
  • San Diego Housing Commission

Many California counties cooperate with home builders to make sure affordable housing and housing down payment assistance is available to eligible minority or low to moderate- income households.

To be eligible for housing down payment assistance, a California borrower has to fit in the income limits. The median area income for March 2008 is around $65,000 for a family of four before taxes.

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