How can I find high LTV mortgage loans?


High LTV mortgage loans with 90% LTV and higher are particularly more difficult to find than loans with, say, 75% LTV. No matter if you are looking for a high LTV residential loan for a primary residence, or a high LTV commercial construction hard money loan it takes time and efforts to find the appropriate high LTV loan program.

High LTV Residential Home Loans

Try VA loans, if you are a veteran or a service member. VA loans allow for 100% financing and no immediate closing costs.

FHA loans are also a great alternative - there are FHA home loans allowing for only 1.5% or 3% down payment.

Also, try getting seller/home builder down payment & closing costs assistance. Must be available through both private and government-sponsored programs.

If you are a minority member or exercise specific occupation (teacher, firefighter, police officer), there could be an appropriate high LTV home loan program available with your local housing authorities. Contacting an upfront mortgage broker (UMB) may prove beneficial as brokers have access to virtually hundreds of loan programs. Also, a UMB will pass the wholesale rates to you.

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