Can you give some debt consolidation tips?


Well, debt consolidation tips might indeed come very handy in managing excruciating high interest debt. You have to know that secured and unsecured debt consolidation will apply to homeowners and non-homeowners, respectively.

Useful Debt Consolidation Tips

Refrain from using credit cards and start paying more than the required minimum. This, combined with moving your credit card obligations on a 0% card will let you see a decrease in your balance pretty soon.

Another working credit card debt consolidation tip is to transfer your credit card balances carrying 12%, 16%, 20% on a credit card carrying 6% interest. Credit card consolidation proves very effective if you never ever again use your high interest cards.

Beside managing credit card debt consolidation, you may like to go to your bank and either ask for a low interest personal loan, or straight enroll in a debt consolidation program. Just make sure you are getting good rates. With a debt consolidation program sponsored by your bank, you'll get payments deducted on time right from your account and will acquire the discipline you probably lack in regards to your finances.

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