Is it possible to find a 100% LTV commercial loan?


100% LTV commercial loans are still possible to take out. However, commercial lenders offering high LTV loans may be more difficult to find, more restrictions may apply, and the approval process is likely to take longer.

Most lenders won't do 100% LTV commercial financing right now.

If you want 100% LTV commercial financing, try finding an online commercial mortgage loan bankers network. There is a chance you would find a lender willing to provide 100% financing for commercial real estate purchases or refinances.

Also, you could try working with a Mortgage Consultant to pair you up with an appropriate investor and make the 100% LTV commercial loan work out - either through cross-collateralization, a conduit loan or a hard money loan.

100% LTV commercial loans are mostly available through conduit loans - also referred to as CMBS lending. However, the rules and opportunities available with conduit lending is not yet clear enough either to borrowers or brokers, hence this opportunity is not easily available to borrowers.

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