What is a home mortgage foreclosure scam?


If you are having troubles with your mortgage payments and you are trying to find a way out of home mortgage foreclosure, you have probably stumbled on an online ad or a street flyer promising to assist you with foreclosure, or perhaps you got a phone call and you might be wondering what it is like to be helped by "professional" people to save your house.

While in certain cases you may have been contacted by someone who is really in a position to assist you with pending mortgage foreclosure, most often you will not be that lucky.

How a home mortgage foreclosure scam gets to you?

A home mortgage foreclosure scam person will ask that you pay them a fee beforehand to assist you; then they will ask you to continue making monthly payments to them or their company instead of to the lender; then they will ask that you transfer them the deed of the house.

In all cases, mortgage foreclosure scammer will pocket the money, the lender receives nothing, you are left without the deed and one day you find out a bankruptcy was filed under your name without you ever knowing about that. It's not a pretty thing and you should never let this happen to you. In the least, even if filing for bankruptcy may stop foreclosure, you are the one who should take the decision. And even despite bankruptcy, foreclosure will continue if you never knew to show up for the case.

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