What happens during a foreclosure if I decide to defend?


What happens during a foreclosure if the debtor seeks to remain on the property depends on the rights the defendant has and that they be keeping strictly to the dates set by the court. Also, in many cases, there will be additional legal costs associated with judicial foreclosure that the borrower will have to pay.

Once you get a notice of foreclosure, there will be a date specified on it by which you have to file an appearance form. It can be obtained online or by your local court. This date does not require you to be in court, it simply states you have to show you know about the foreclosure proceedings. If you do not file an appearance form by this date, what happens is that you will not be able to prevent foreclosure from proceedings, nor you will be further informed of your case.

You are entitled to special protection during a foreclosure if you are unemployed, or fall under specific employment categories. You have to request legal counseling to assist you in your case, according to your state's law since this is a complicated matter and varies highly by case and state.

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