How to find foreclosure homes?


The easiest way to go is to find foreclosure homes online. There will be plenty of sites offering free trial or paid listing of preforeclosure and foreclosure homes, bankruptcies, tax liens and sheriff sales.

Sometimes you would like to be able to access the multiple search listings (MLS). However, only real estate professionals have access to the MLS and you will have to ask a loan officer to make the search for foreclosure homes for you. Have in mind, not all foreclosure homes will be listed in the MLS, so you might be missing the home you are looking for.

Since there are many online foreclosure listing service companies specializing in providing extensive information on foreclosure homes, you might be better off to sign with a local one. To be able to find foreclosure homes in your area, you are usually offered free 7-day trial of the services, and then will be charged around $30 per month, or prompted to buy a discounted package for several months or for a year.

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