How to buy a home in foreclosure?


If you want a first class real estate property with a discount, you should know how to buy a home in foreclosure. Your best try will be with a real estate agent who deals with homes in foreclosure. If you are looking after FHA, or HUD owned homes, make sure your agent is properly certified.

You could sign for a foreclosure listing service online, or just run an internet search on foreclosure properties for your area and see what comes out. Select some homes in foreclosure and run a title and lien check on them.

After you have an idea what kind of properties you would like to buy, talk it over with your real estate agent. They will be able to help you with the foreclosure auction procedures, calculate any fix costs and your agent's commission.

Make sure you have the necessary cash to bring to the foreclosure home sale, and that your loan has been approved prior to the auction.

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