Can I get a mortgage loan after foreclosure?


Sure, you can. With a foreclosure on your report your credit score has dropped a lot and not long ago it would have taken a lot more time to get a mortgage loan after foreclosure. Now, even if your score has dropped in the subprime range, that is - below 630, you could get very competitive offers even from subprime lenders.

The best way to go is compare rates for a possible mortgage loan after foreclosure. Many websites will do the job for you, comparing real time subprime offers.

Fortunately, with the profusion of mortgage loans, a mortgage loan after foreclosure as a product stands all the chances of being specifically developed. And a borrower with recent foreclosure would be able to get one with decent rates and without having to wait several years to improve credit score for a conventional loan.

However, due to the subprime market crisis, extending a mortgage loan after foreclosure will make lenders to act cautiously in respect to you. No surprise you will be able to find one but additional restrictions may apply.

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