What types of modular home manufacturers exist and what they can build for you?


Modular home manufacturers could specialize into mobile, modular and manufactured housing units. Unlike in the recent past, current custom-built or prefabricated home manufacturers usually offer delivery of all types of modular homes, light commercial construction, schools, hospitals, office areas and other types of public facilities.

Types of Mobile/Modular Home Manufacturers' Services

Currently, mobile real estate manufacturers specialize in, and are not limited to, several or most of the following home types:

  • Multi section homes;
  • Energy-efficient ranch homes and duplexes;
  • Custom home prefabrication;
  • Dedicated senior housing;
  • Commercial and multi-family housing.

Special mobile home features, budget planning and financing assistance is also offered by many of the mobile home retailers and dealers.

  • Energy Star program participation (meaning those homes are environmentally friendly, which seems to be of concern to a growing number of people);
  • Green Building products;
  • Budget control;
  • Customer design implementation and assistance with material selection.

Before you select your mobile/modular home manufacturer, it is advisable to visit already built homes and see customer testimonials. On the whole, manufactured homes are quickly becoming a much more affordable alternative to standard site-built homes and most of them offer better comfort and more space at lower cost.

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