What can private bridge loan lenders offer to you?


Private bridge loan lenders may be in a position to help you get the proper financing especially for commercial real estate deals. Although hard money (bridge loan) lenders are usually more interested in financing commercial properties, they do residential loans, as well.

Most reputable private bridge loan lenders would be able to close a bridge loan in as few as two work days and will not have prepayment penalties; decisions to extend the loan will be quick, and some lenders will even waive some upfront fees. 100 percent financing is sometimes possible, if additional collateral is provided.

Although a bridge loan (or a swing loan) is usually extended for a period of a month to 3 years, many private bridge loan lenders will offer flexible extension possibilities, trying to accommodate your needs in a reasonable practical way.

Most private bridge loan lenders have learned that treating customers honestly and courteously benefits both the lender and the borrower, and have greatly facilitated bridge loan procedures.

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