What can manufactured (mobile) home dealers do for you?


Manufactured (mobile) home dealers are really able to provide you with the best custom built home solution for your needs. They maintain business connections with partnering home builders in different states and are in position to make valid recommendations to you.

Also, many of them are in fact direct homebuilders and you could choose from hundreds of floor plans, newest model houses furnished with the latest appliances, and customized land/home mortgage financing support.

Large manufactured (mobile) home dealers operate nationwide; have tens of manufacturing facilities and manufactured home communities all over the country to visit.

Getting the Best Mortgage Deal on Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

Mobile and custom-built home dealers usually provide manufactured (mobile) home buyers with home mortgage financing through privately owned, specialized mortgage company to provide best customized financing solutions to clients.

It is, of course, possible to fund your mobile or custom-built house separately, through an independent lender, but it is very likely that the lender won't be able to beat the rates you can get through the manufactured home dealer.

However, you should certainly try to shop for a mobile home mortgage separately, or at least check rates with independent mortgage lenders and compare what is included in the mortgage loan quote you get from the mobile home dealer.

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