How to get a construction loan for bad credit?


People with disrupted financial history will need to get a construction loan for bad credit borrowers. There are lenders who offer such loans and the best place to find them is on the internet. Banks and credit unions traditionally do not favor bad credit loans, so chances are private lenders specializing in construction loans will be your best bet, if your credit is not within the 600+ range. Private lenders will be more open to negotiation and might be comfortable offering 100% financing, should you need it.

If you have sufficient income or assets, getting a construction loan with bad credit shouldn't be much trouble. Initial construction loans do carry high rates anyway.

The good thing is being strict with all your bills and debt payments for the duration of the construction phase gives you enough time (6 months to 2 years) to challenge wrong items on your report, and close some debts so that at the time your construction loan converts into a long term financing you could ask the lender to consider your improved credit score and if they don't, you could go some place else. Most certainly, the lender would like to keep your business and give you a quote reflecting your improved credit rating.

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