How to buy manufactured home?


Mobile homes have proven to be a great housing alternative to millions of Americans and many more are looking to buy manufactured home instead of a standard site-built house.

Due to strict building practices and shorter building period, quality mobile (modular) housing exhibits features as lower price, more living space, customized design and increased structure durability, which makes it very competitive to existing real estate properties that are never as perfect as one would like them, and almost always one has to deal with either bad roofing, or the wiring needs repair, or the design and location are not exactly to one's liking.

Important Things to Know When Buying a Factory-Built Modular Home

Currently, a modular/mobile/manufactured home would be a prefabricated, or customized factory-built home rather than a trailer. When you make the decision to get a manufactured home for your family, you will have to decide on

  • Size and design;
  • Location to place it;
  • Essential and extra features of the home;
  • How much you can afford to spend on a mobile home.

Purchasing a simple prefab single-wide manufactured home gets you 1000 to 1200 sq feet for about $30,000 depending on your location. Double wides will vary from 1600 to 2000 square feet living space and will cost about $50,000. New construction multi-unit custom-built manufactured home will cost about 10 to 20% less than an existing or new construction site-built home.

Steps & Tips for Shopping for a New Mobile Home

  • Take steps to repair your credit if it needs to be improved prior to securing mobile home financing.
  • Know how much you can spend on a modular home purchase.
  • Choose a mobile community, private lot or mobile park to place your new manufactured home.
  • Visit a manufactured home retail sales center.
  • Compare models and prices.
  • Talk with retailers about warranty, delivery, and features. Talk with existing customers to get an idea about after-sale service and testimonials.
  • You will need several months to select a mobile home retailer and/or manufacturer. Check whether the retailer or manufacturer you choose has any unresolved consumer complaints.
  • Shop for a manufactured home loan financing with best possible terms.
  • Inspect your new mobile home after installation and prior to loan settlement, if possible.
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