When should I get a bridge loan financing?


You should think of getting a bridge loan financing when you need quick funds for yourself or your business. If you are buying a new house, but have not yet sold your old one, you could get a bridge loan financing. If your house is facing foreclosure, bridge loan financing may be the cure for your situation.

If you need to expand your business now, but your permanent funds are arriving in several months, or you are restructuring, or need quick money to get your business competitive again - these are other reasons to consider bridge loan financing.

You could get a bridge loan financing from many sources such as commercial real estate lender, venture company, private investor fund, or others. Sources can be found either online, or through a broker, or in the yellow pages.

If you are not an experienced borrower, you should approach bridge loan financing with caution. It is not a traditional way of funding, so you may need additional information and perhaps some legal advice.

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