What is the current highest, average and lowest 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate in California?


Current highest, average and lowest 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate varies by state.

For example, in California the current 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate starts at 6% the lowest and goes to 6.25% the highest with no points as of April 4th, 2008 for single-family units with 80% LTV.

These rates are quoted for a $200,000 conforming 30-year fixed rate purchase mortgage loan by several major lenders and may vary among other mortgage lenders, for other loan amounts and refinances.

Current highest, average and lowest 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate may be very different for other states and lenders. For example, a major bank in Virginia offers 30-year FRM at 8.25% with 1.125 points. At the same time, in Texas and Washington states the same mortgage is offered at 5.825% with 1 point. Both allow only 80% LTV.

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