What are the basics of the construction to permanent loan for new home builders?


Chances are you are familiar with the subject should you have owned a house in the past. Anyways, there are things good remembering or if you are new to it, there are a couple of things to know about construction to permanent loan for new home builders.

Basics of Construction to Permanent Loan for New Home Builders

A construction to permanent loan (CTP) includes a construction loan with interest-only or no payments for a period of 1 year in general; that loan is translated into a permanent mortgage after the construction phase is over. A normal CTP will include only one set of closing costs. If the lender is going to charge you twice for closing, make sure you don't allow it.

When shopping for a construction to permanent loan, home builders have to make sure they get one set of closing costs only, that is, one-close construction to permanent loan.

Have in mind that this kind of a loan will require 5 to 15% down payment if you are subcontracting all the work to have your project executed.

As an Owner Builder, 100% construction financing is possible for the building project and the land, as lenders assume your participation in the project has a weight of around 10% equity.

For construction to permanent home loans for new home builders, lenders use your debt to income ratio to decide the amount of loan you are eligible for. Some banks will stick to up to 40% DTI, others may allow 60% and above. Have in mind, though, the fact that a lender may borrow you 65% of your monthly income does not mean you can afford to pay it.

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