Where can I get statistical data about mortgages – for example, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate history?


Statistical data about conventional and jumbo 30-year fixed mortgage rate history is available on several major mortgage sites. The 30-year FRM history rates and points can be pulled from of official sites as Freddie Mac's.

There are other major publishers of consumer loan information. Beside the 30-year fixed mortgage rates history of other home loan types such as hybrid ARMs and home equity loans can also be found online. This information usually is purchased but there are sites offering it for free.

Pulling Statistical Data About the Fixed and Adjustable Conforming Mortgage Rates and Other History

Purchasing the data from private consumer data publishers will provide information about the historical 30-year fixed mortgage rates from thousands of lenders. Lenders submitting records to the exhaustive collection of data about all types of mortgage loans, rates and points they offer usually participate for free.

Beside the 15-year, 30-year fixed and adjustable mortgages data about other loans, rates, points, history and lending institutions are usually offered by private publishers. For example, it is possible to pull a report about 15-year conforming loans offered by thrifts in the San Diego area.

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