Is there 100% construction financing?


Yes, there is. Fortunately for people willing to live in a custom built house, you could get 100% construction financing from lenders specialized in construction loans, or through an owner builder consulting company specializing in construction consulting.

100% Construction Financing With An Owner Builder Consulting Company

People who would like to have a custom house built according to their needs often want to take part of the creative design process and usually need guidance along the way. Even though 100% construction financing can be obtained from many lenders, sometimes it is best to consider financing from an owner builder consulting company. They could:

  • help you match your visionary home design to a realistic budget;
  • help with land and build permits;
  • help determine if you need an architect;
  • help choose building materials and contractors.

A consulting company specialized in this niche will in fact be able to match you with lenders who will provide the best 100% construction financing terms. For example, they may negotiate that construction loan payments are postponed until Certificate of Occupancy is issued and permanent financing is obtained.

Certainly, you should go comparison shopping and see if the services offered by the owner builder consulting company and obtaining 100% construction financing through them is a feasible way to go.

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