What is property insurance?


Property insurance is the protection you get if your home is burglarized; natural disaster destroys it, or if someone gets injured on your premises.

Different policies will have different coverage - some will pay to get you the items you lost; others will pay to have your house rebuilt; yet, others will get you a house plus you will receive additional funds. Usually, the more expensive the coverage, the better protection you will get.

Property Insurance Means Homeowners (Hazard) Insurance

Basically, property insurance policies are either named-risk or all-risk. A named-risk property insurance policy will provide coverage for all listed perils on the agreement. The all-risk policy will provide protection in any events except for those specifically named to be excluded from the list, and is more expensive to purchase.

Most homeowners and businesses are better off with an all-risk property insurance policy, especially if it includes a liability coverage. Additionally, property owners could purchase coverage for specific hazards.

How your property insurance reimburses the owner?

There are two major ways to reimburse the owner - one is replacement-cost approach in which the items lost are simply replaced with similar or identical items; and actual cash value (ACV), in which case the items' cost minus item depreciation is paid to the owner.

The property insurance replacement-cost policy will have higher premiums, but is the lowest recommended level of coverage for your property. Thus, if you lost a house you spent tens of thousands changing the design, or built a new wing to it, a replacement-cost coverage will get your house rebuilt.

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