What does title insurance underwriter do?


Title insurance underwriters are employed by title insurance companies to validate property ownership and existing liens in a home purchase transaction.

Title insurance underwriting services are meant to make sure that nowhere along the ownership chain has a forged deed existed, or there are undiscovered liens on the property. If no such problems are found with the deed, the title is said to be insurable. A title insurance underwriter will have the responsibility to make sure there are no defects in the current public records to raise future claim.

Title insurance underwriters and officers agree to defend the owner of the title policy in court should ever any undiscovered legal issues arise with the title.

Title insurance agencies create lists with policy exclusions such as:

  • Zoning laws;
  • Unrecorded easements;
  • Encroachments;
  • Other government restrictions.

Title insurance underwriters, after running an extensive title search and examination, announce the property title as marketable when there are more insurable traits than exclusions. To purchase extensive title insurance coverage, you have to buy an ALTA policy.

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