What is the title insurance promulgated rate in Florida?


Title insurance promulgated rates are the lowest title insurance policy costs a title company is allowed to charge. That is, the state sets the minimum title insurance rates and title insurers have to charge borrowers as high or higher title insurance fees.

In some state the title insurance promulgated rate will include both title insurance and title services costs.

Shopping for Title Insurance Rates

Ask your closing or settlement agent how much they charge for title insurance and services and whether these are the lowest fees possible in your state, and whether the state determines the title charges. In states where title costs are not determined by the state, it will be best to shop around.

In Florida, title insurance promulgated rates for the owner's policy are set by the state. However, title services are charged separately by title agencies - settlement fee, courier fee, document preparation fee. In Florida, title insurance companies act as escrow companies, as well. Or, it is closing escrow agents that have begun acting as title insurance underwriters. It is important to ask about business history and services and select a title insurer based on overall performance, and not only cheapest rates.

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