What is title insurance extended coverage policy?


A title insurance extended coverage policy used to cost hundreds of dollars. Currently, extended coverage owner's title insurance policy can be obtained by adding some 1- to 15% to the standard owner's title insurance coverage.

Why is it necessary to get owner's title insurance policy with extended coverage?

The extended title insurance coverage insures the owner against post-policy claims and risks. The standard title insurance coverage only protects the owner of claims and title issues that did not show up in the title search when the policy was bought.

An owner's title insurance extended coverage policy will protect you from forgery, easement on the land, or defective title, etc. Post-policy adverse ownership, and encroachment issues are also covered with the property title insurance extended coverage policy.

Other risks have also been included in an extended coverage owner's title insurance policy, such as building permit, zoning violation, expanded access, subdivision violation, etc.

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