What are the specifics of manufactured (mobile) home insurance?


Manufactured (mobile) home insurance specifics are more than regular site-built home insurance. Home insurers usually offer insurance packages for mobile homes, along with homeowners insurance for standard housing units, renters and specific housing types.

What should be included in your manufactured (mobile) home insurance package?

Insurance coverage for your manufactured (mobile) home will depend on what is deemed necessary, according to your area and your personal needs. It is advised that you check with the insurer whether you need coverage for the following:

  • Manufactured (mobile) home liability protection - you may like to insert this in the mobile home insurance policy, so that you don't get sued if someone gets hurt on your premises;
  • Fire, vandalism and theft should also be included if you don't live in a particularly safe and pleasant neighborhood;
  • Windstorm, hail, freezing coverage may be needed if you have rough winter in your region - as in Chicago area, for example;
  • Plumbing and electrical accidents, and falling objects should also be covered, as in a standard homeowner's insurance;
  • Flood, earthquake and tornado are very area-specific and should be included only if these natural disasters apply to your location.
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