Can I rely on online mortgage insurance quotes?


The Internet has changed the way the home loan business is done and the trend seems to be that online home loan quotes and online mortgage insurance quotes are going to be around even more often.

Since all lenders and insurers are taking their business online and it is the easiest to shop for online quotes - be it a mortgage, or insurance policy - even though online fraud and scams are a big part of the Internet experience, the online home loan and mortgage insurance quotes can't be avoided.

Collecting Online Mortgage And Mortgage Insurance Quotes

To avoid being scammed when mortgage and insurance shopping, make sure you go through a reputable lender and/or insurer. When you are collecting online quotes for mortgage and insurance, you will be asked for personal data - name, address, age, SSN, property address and value, loan amount. In the case of online mortgage life insurance quotes, you are likely to be asked health questions.

The good thing about getting a mortgage life insurance is that you do not have to go through medical examination and you are only talking about your health.

For those who don't know, mortgage life insurance is different from private mortgage insurance Mortgage life insurance is insurance that pays off your mortgage in case something bad happens to you. Private mortgage insurance protects the top 20% of the house value - the first mortgage lender is protected by 20% down payment, or zero or partial downpayment plus private mortgage insurance (PMI) up to 20% of the property value.

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