How can I get mobile home title insurance?


Mobile home title insurance policy is considered a special type of service, provided by title and escrow companies. Other special services, not usually offered by typical title companies are

  • Sale/purchase of a business;
  • Sale/purchase of vacation and resort properties (with time-share interests), and others.

Not every title company offers manufactured or mobile home title insurance services.

You will have to search a bit more to locate a title insurer specializing in mobile homes title coverage, or find a company with a broader range of title services.

If you are in need of title insurance for a manufactured home on permanent foundation or in the process of being installed permanently, your future home is becoming real estate property and it will have to be legally defined and transformed as such. Escrow and title agents taking care of your mobile home titling and transfer must be well informed of the particular requirements of your state's Department of Housing and Community Development.

Mobile home title coverage is very recommended.

Actually, title insurance coverage on manufactured homes is strongly recommended, particularly if they are not newly built and on permanent foundation. Mobile homes are cheaper and tend to have a great turnover of owners; and title recordings of mobile homes tend to be considerably error-prone.

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