Do I need a license for title insurance if I am a practicing real estate attorney?


Yes, in most states you do. Even if you are a closing attorney for a title company, you are very likely to need a separate license for title insurance. You may also need to pass a title pre-licensing course before you get a title insurance license.

In some states, the pre-licensing course requirement will be waived if you have relevant title experience. Also, licensing period will vary among states. Some states will issue a license for title insurance producer for 2 years; in others the license for selling title insurance will hold 4 years with specific continuing education requirements.

What does a license for title insurance include?

In most states a title license enables the individual to not only sell title insurance, but also do title examination, underwriting, sales and title closings.

Licensed notaries have to obtain a separate title license if they want to do title closings for a title agency.

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