How to become a title insurance agent?


To become a title insurance agent you may need to be licensed in some states in order to sell title insurance, or you should be working for a title insurance company. You may need legal or real estate background, but this is not always required. The job of a title insurance agent is a sales position, so you might need certain people's skills more than formal knowledge of title policies to do well on the job.

General Requirements for Becoming a Title Insurance Agent

Commonly, only licensed title insurance agents employed by licensed title insurance companies are allowed to practice. Every state is likely to have at least slightly differing licensing requirements, so you might like to check your state website for title insurance representative education and licensing requirements. Here are some general expectations of individuals, applying for title insurance agent certification:

  • One or more years of verifiable experience with title duties such as closing, searching, and policy issuance may be required;
  • Those, who don't meet the title experience requirement, may have to take a pre-licensing course prior to sitting their state certification exam. It is possible that the course may be offered online, or in a classroom setting. The average cost of a pre-licensing title insurance course may be up to $500 per person;
  • Self-study materials are usually made available online, but may not be free of charge;
  • Follow the basic steps outlined most probably by the State Department of Financial Services or corresponding state body.

A title insurance sales rep is selling a product that doesn't vary much locally in cost, or coverage. The way to be successful after getting licensed as a title insurance sales rep is perhaps in the personalized approach with your clients network.

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