How can I find a reliable land title insurance company in my area?


Finding a reliable land title insurance company in your area will be easy if you do it through the ALTA website. ALTA stands for the American Land Title Association. They have existed since 1907 and are the national trade association of the title industry.

How to locate a land title insurance and escrow/closing company?

Through the ALTA webpage go to the Membership Directory and run a specific search for a land title company in your county. In the ALTA Membership Directory you will be able to find title insurers, title agents, underwriters and abstracters in your particular area.

Also, there are lenders and brokers, real estate agents, home builders, consultants and software companies as ALTA associate members.

ALTA members are expected to adhere to high standards of the title industry practices. It is supposed that contacting a title company adhering to ALTA standards for title record search and title policy would help real estate transactions to be completed in a smooth and efficient manner, and avoiding title problems as much as possible.

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