When can I get discount title insurance?


Homeowners can get discount title insurance if the property they are buying has had a title search on it within 5 years.

Don't expect for a hugely discounted title insurance policy in states that set their title fees. In the remaining states, it is possible to save a lot of cash shopping for discounted title insurance, especially if you are a first-time homeowner.

Shopping for Discounted Title Insurance Policy

Your lender will usually tell you could choose another title service and insurance company than the one they are working with. However, not many borrowers would take the time to shop for a lower rate title insurance policy. You'll be better off selecting a title insurer on your own if you have the time to search and compare title quotes.

Don't forget you are most probably buying owner's and lender's title policies. Lender's title insurance policy is obligatory. Buying owner's title insurance from the same provider is likely to get you a discount, as well. Suggested coverage is at least to the value of the property.

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