How to avoid processing mortgage refunds scam?


You may have already been contacted over phone, or seen a job opportunity on the internet that supposedly gives you the chance to help "the Federal Government return unclaimed refunds" "working from the comfort of your home". Beware - this is a processing mortgage refunds scam. With this type of mortgage scam you are an easy prey if you want to make a living from your home. The processing mortgage refunds scam sets very basic requirements for you to make you qualify, like owning a computer, internet connection, and basic computer skills. The processing mortgage refunds scam takes advantage of people who really want to make a living working from home.

As soon as you request more details, it becomes obvious that there is a fee to be paid upon entering this "government sponsored program". This fee may be around $70, may be more. Do not pay it. People calling you are simply cold-callers hired to disperse the mortgage refunds scam.

Except online, you may be contacted via phone and even asked for a credit card information. Can you imagine this?

Simply know how processing mortgage refunds scam works and don't allow the desire for better pay and more working comfort to affect your reasoning.

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