Where to file predatory lending complaints?


Federal agencies to file predatory lending complaints are as follows:

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Division of Compliance
Handles complaints against state banks which are not members of the Federal Reserve System.
Department of Veterans Affairs

Consumer Affairs Service
Predatory lending complaints about loans guaranteed by Veterans Affairs.
Comptroller of the Currency

Compliance Management
Regulates National Banks.
Department of Agriculture

Rural Development/Rural Housing Services
Rural Development loans and complaints
Office of Thrift Supervision

Consumer Affairs Division
Handles predatory lending complaints and regulates Federal savings, loans, and banks.
National Credit Union

Regulates National Credit Unions.
Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Response Center
Handles predatory lending complaints concerning most private lenders, such as, mortgage and finance companies, and state credit unions.
The Federal Reserve Board

Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
Handles predatory lending complaints and violations of the Truth-in-Lending, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act.
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