Is there early mortgage fraud detection?


Mortgage fraud detection can be performed by inspectors, investigators and software. There is a significant number of software mortgage fraud detection systems that are able to flag inconsistencies in a mortgage loan file and prevent mortgage fraud.

Mortgage fraud detection and prevention software is successfully used to identify attempts for equity skimming, property flipping, mortgage identity theft, broker/appraiser fraud, straw buying, fraudulent foreclosure, etc.

Software mortgage fraud detection is particularly successful conducting comparisons on property and borrowers' data and can help lenders keep their mortgage pipeline clear of fraud attempts.

Even if there is mortgage loan fraud detection software installed internally, the company should train their employees how to detect mortgage fraud symptoms and provide advice to borrowers how to avoid it. A mortgage professional determined to succeed in fraudulent activities is difficult to identify, as they know how the mortgage process works from within and will be difficult to notice in an early stage.

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