How to obtain a stated income commercial mortgage loan?


A stated income commercial mortgage loan is a loan that usually involves commercial real estate bought either as a rental, or as part of a business expansion plan. In either case these loans are regulated different from stated income mortgages for owner-occupied properties.

Due to the specifics of stated income commercial loans, a lending corporation may have a whole subdivision dealing exclusively with stated income commercial mortgages. It has been proven that standard full doc commercial mortgages may not provide the best solution for the borrower even though the whole process is thoroughly documented. Even the opposite - investment properties demand much greater funding flexibility and involvement from the lender's side. Commercial lenders actively contributing with advice and commercial loan counseling play a major role in their borrowers' success.

How to get the best stated income commercial mortgage loan?

Most investors don't even need a fully documented commercial loan. It may cost you more to pay the Certified Public Accountant to document your business cash flow rather than simply go for a stated income investment property loan. The best you could do is approach a commercial lender, or a big lender's subdivision who specialize solely in funding commercial real estate loans. The more involved the lender is, the better business strategy you are going to come up with together. Also, every business has their individualized needs and the probability of success is greater when this is taken into account.

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